Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing

May 5, 2011. Committee Votes 'Ought to Pass'. The bill should go the Senate within a week and signed by Governor Lynch by June.

Hearing is set for Thursday May 5, 2011 in the LOB Room 102 at 9:30 AM.

HB651 Senate Committee Assigned ~ April 20, 2011

HB651 Introduced and Referred to Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

HB651 Passed in NH House ~ Mar. 30, 2011

HB651 was Passed without amendment today by the NH House. The amendment failed 237 to 120. The original bill passed by a voice vote.

To find more info on the bill go to HB651 and enter HB651 as the Bill number.
Current Status HB651 ~ Bill Text HB651 ~ Bill Docket HB651 with 3/30 updates

HB651 Out of Committee - Mar. 22, 2011

The Bill was passed out of committee with an amendment to only allow grandfathering of existing Quakers but prohibit sale and import.
(pdf ~ amendment)

HB651 ~ Mar. 8, 2011

HB651 - to legalize Quaker Parrots has been filed and assigned to the Fish and Game committee.

To see who is on the Fish and Game Committee go to:
F&G Committee.

LSR: H-1085-R

The NH Rules committee voted 7-1 to allow Rep. Jeanine Notter to file a late bill to overturn the ban on Quaker Parrots. The motion was made by former Speaker of the House, Rep. Gene Chandler, seconded by the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Steve Stepanek.

Rep. Kevin Avard is a co-sponsor.

The bill is currently listed as an LSR: H-1085-R


How to Contact your Legislator

Who's My Legislator?

Contact your legislator to support all actions to Legalize Quaker Parakeets in NH.

To find your Legislator go to: Who's My Legislator? Select your town or city to find your legislator.

Supporting Legislators

Representative Jeanine Notter (r) Merrimack
HB651 Bill Sponsor. This bill allows for the sale and possession of monk parakeets, also known as quaker parrots.

Representative Kevin Avard (r) Nashua

Representative Gregory Hill (r) Northfield

Representative Lenette Peterson (r) Merrimack

Representative Lisa Scontsas (r) Nashua

Representative Sean Cox (r) Andover

Representative Joseph Pitre (r) Farmington