November 1998

BOAF Bulletin Express

Feature Article:

Quaker Parakeets

By Rena & Allen Fox

12th Annual BOAF Fall Show

The 1998 BOAF fall bird show is now history. Kudos to the officers and directors for their planning and guidance, and more importantly, the numerous club volunteers that made it happen In my humble opinion it was one of the best shows in recent history.

As you know, BOAF is not a wealthy club and the last several bird shows cost more to run than the income they generated. This year’s show came out in the black. Not far in the black, but at least in the black [see the treaurer’s report for the actual numbers]. We needed volunteers and donations and you delivereed.

The fall bird show serves many purposes. It is BOAF’s major annual event. It is educational. It is fun. It is a social get together. Despite the multitude of, "Where’s Ray?" and "Go help Steve", I still got to see some of the birds. We had more than 250 entrants — all great looking birds.

Ths show winners were:

Best in show — Parrot; Karen Herman
2nd in show — Finch; Kathy Vieweg
3rd in show — ‘Keet; Debbie Stahre
4th in show — Cockatiel; John Gosweller
5th in show — Canary; Keegan & Vary
6th in show — Lovebird; John & Maria Santana

But all didn’t go well at the show as those who watched the awards ceremony know. The show secretaries recorded only cage numbers and we had to translate them into names as we awarded the trophies and placques. One person, who departed early, took the wrong placque. Therefore, one other person didn’t get her placque. I hope to straighten this out in the next couple of weeks.

Next year show rules will be distributed during registration to prevent this from recurring.

We had several great prizes on the raffle table. Winners of the four major prizes were:

Lladro Cockatoo — David Bailey
Camcorder — Shirley Joubert
Sun Conure — Don LaQuerre
Sun Conure — Ina Englishmen

Despite the rain, all ten inches of it, vendor sales seemed brisk. During one heavy downpour the water rose to an inch even though the tent itself wasn’t leaking. To compensate for the damp conditions, we will be offering this year’s vendors a discount so they return to next year’s show.

A search has been initiated to locate a suitable site for the 1999 show. It should be within an hour or so of Manchester and offer somewhat more space than the church gymnasium. Preferably, it will have a second separate area for the bird sales room. Birds flying around the show hall upset the show birds (and exhibitors) and distract the judges. This is your show. If you have any suggestions or comments, please present them. Also, if you’d like to participate in the planning process, please speak up now.

Thanks again to all who made the show happen. You’re great!!!


This is the time to renew your BOAF membership. The form is on page 9. If you haven’t renewed prior to Februry 25, 1999, you will not receive the March 1999 Bulletin. No exceptions!!!

Show Thank You’s

Let me put on my show chair hat for a moment. I’d personally like to thank everyone who helped at the show — space doesn’t permit listing all your names. THANK YOU!

Ron Cote thanks Pat & Doug Beardsley and Penny Brooks for helping him sell Tee shirts and raffle tickets.

A report from the BOAF Raffle table from the 12th Annual Fall Bird Show by Roger and Linda Hamelin. We would like to thank the set up crew for setting up the tables for the raffle. Many thanks to Katie Secor for the paper to

cover the coffee cans and delivering the coffee cans. We would like to thank Mary Tylicki for helping set up the raffles Friday night and Sandy

Finn for helping all day Saturday. We would also like to thank Laurel and

Travis Mills for helping us at the raffle table. In all, we received

donations from 20 club members, vendors, and corporations. Here is the list

of the donations received:

Mary Tylicki - Canary pellets, Canary book, tape, Finch cage
Nancy Storey - quilt and quilt dog
Susan Fellows - bird artwork
Laurel Mills - earrings and crystal serving dish
Ray Schwartz - bird coffee mugs
Donald Smith - bird books (parrots & conures), toy and T-shirt
Pat & Doug Beardsley - McDonald Beanie babies, wall hanging, food dehydrator, 40 pounds of corn cob
BOAF - Beanie babies, last 1994 Cage Bird Show T-shirt
Denise & Don Bourgault - bird house clock, bird Beanie baby, set of blown glass birdies, Christmas clock
Fish & Chirps (Don Mason) - Cage and bird toy
Sandy Finn - fish placemats, porcelain "song birds", cabbage pitcher, "Lava buns', decorative bird house, wooden magazine basket, and slip-on ice grips for shoes
Bill Marotte - four bottles of wine
Sun Seed - T-shirt, Keet seed, "Banana Best"
Kaytee - Exact baby bird formula, video, hand-feeding book
Kimo Kuoha - ceramic parrot feeders
Katie Secor - Keet books and cockatiel seed
Quisa Blodgett - two decorated pumpkins, one Chrysanthemum
Ginny Gallien - Two Christmas baskets
Robert and Jean Barber - three cages and one stand
Precious Baby's Wings & Things - bird toy

Webmasters Report By Allen Fox

None this month.

Fifty-Fifty Raffles

At every meeting we have a fifty-fifty raffle. Half the money collected goes to the club; the other half, to the lucky winner. What better prize than a fistfull of cash!!

Notes from the Editor

If you have something to be published, give it to me at a meeting or send it to:

Ray Schwartz
19 Olde Common Drive
Atkinson, NH 03810-2177

or e-mail them to

or call me at (603) 362-6106

Christmas Party News

This year there is an added incentive for members to come to the annual Christmas party. We will be having a free, members only raffle for a sweet baby bronze wing pionus and cage. One free raffle ticket will be distributed at the party so you must attend to win. If you fall in love with this guy, members can buy additional tickets for $1 each. There will be additional raffles for all attendees.

The agenda for the party is a) elections, b) food, c) Yankee swap, d) more food, e) raffles and f) still more food.

Shop now for your Yankee swap gift. If you don’t bring one, you don’t get to pick one. Suggested price range is $12 - $15 or thereabouts. Although any gift is okay, bird related items are appreciated. Wrap it so participants can’t guess what’s inside. Don’t put your name on it. And, as always, no yellow plastic pocketbooks or similar attic junk.

Each member should bring some type of food item — a casserole, pasta, chilli, salad, dessert, soft drink or the like. Store bought is fine for the cooking challenged members. The greater the variety, the better. Please bring items that must be served hot in a crock pot or electric warmer.

A few volunteers should come to the party early to set up tables and chairs. Others will be required to put them away. Any takers?

Secretary’s Report: Meeting of October 12, 1998.

Bird Health Q & A by Dr. Regina Downey

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by Denise. Show problems were discussed. The major nuisance was a rude exhibitor who insulted BOAF volunteers and wouldn’t wait for the raffles before taking his prizes and leaving. Linda Cagan and Don Masson volunteered to investigate possible new sites for next year. Nicole Smith and other vendors had birds stolen.

Dr. Downey of Coastal Animal Clinic hosted an extended question and answer session about bird health. In addition to traditional avian medicine and surgery , she offers alternative animal care. Some highlights follow: The most common bird disease transferable to people is psiticosis. It results in flu-like symptoms. Quarantine new birds to minimize its spread. The Missing Link, a human herbal preparation can be helpful for feather plucking and as a nutritional supplement. Feeding a variety of foods is important. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, pellets, table foods and seeds (as a treat). First aid for a sick bird on the bottom of its cage is heat (95F) and pedialyte.

After another fantastic raffle with lots of birds and other goodies, plus the 50-50 drawing, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.

Report on Directors Meeting - October 21, 1998.

Denise Bourgault called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm. Details for the toy making session were finalized.

The date for the 1999 BOAF Show was unanimously established as Oct. 9. Ray will be show chair again. Dr. Al will contact potential judges. It was decided to use fewer judges to reduce costs. Other methods of reducing costs, fewer placques for example, were discussed. A show venue committee was formed with Denise and Nancy as co-chairs and Nancy as assistant.

A motion to replace the current wooden judging stands was approved. It was suggested that plastic covered steel shelf organizers be used. Steve volunteered to fabricate the replacements.

Money was appropriated to buy a bird for the Christmas Party raffle. This will be a fun raffle, not be a fundraiser.

Initial thoughts on potential award recipients were covered.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

Next Directors Meeting

Date: Wednesday November 17, 1998
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Steve Tanner’s Home


At this meeting the Board of Directors will select winners for the awards to be presented at our annual Christmas party. To keep the names secret, it is NOT an open meeting. Sorry.

If you are not an Officer or Director, but have a topic to be addressed, please notify one of them prior to the meeting.

A Day at the BOAF Show By Prism Schwartz

I was in a deep sleep on my food bowl just like any other morning when dad rudely awakened me saying, "Prism get up. We’re going to the show."

I opened my eyes and saw dad wide awake standing there. Doesn’t he know I’m supposed to wake him up – not the other way around. I looked at my skylight and saw it was still dark out. I tried to get dad to look up too, but he ignored me. I put my head down on my back trying to go back to sleep but he kept poking me insisting I get up. Don’t parrots have any rights?

After a quick breakfast, dad put me in my Vari Kennel. Shouldn’t I have a cage with a perch rather than a dog carrier? After bouncing around in the car he brought me to the show hall. He transferred me to another kennel. At least he made a perch for this one and called it a show cage. This is a show? Where is everyone? Why don’t they wait till it gets light out? I’m the only bird here, and there are only two humanoids.

Finally more birds and exhibitors arrived. Several of the people visited me. I was glad to get some attention so I showed off and refrained from biting anyone. Maybe next time a finger is within beak’s range…Nah. Finally the show began. The judge prodded me with his chopstick. I was going to convert it to tooth picks but I had promised to be good. I guess he liked me - he gave me a couple of ribbons.

Later dad came over to check on me. I showed him that I came in second in my section. The other macaw came in next to last. He asked how I got my feathers so messed up and why there was food everywhere. He doesn’t let me do anything that’s really fun.

When everyone was leaving he told me it was time to get back into the carrier for the trip home. I enjoyed myself so much I didn’t want to leave. I thought, "If he can’t get me in the carrier, he can’t take me home." First I used the bite the door trick. It worked great. Next it was the spread wings trick. Ha! ha! I’m too wide to go through the doorway. After several more failed attempts to get me into the carrier, dad flipped me on my back and held my wings closed. No fair! After bouncing home, he put me back on the food bowl. Hope I can go to the shaow again next year.

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