November 1997

BOAF Bulletin Express

New Bulletin Editor

Congratulations and thanks to Denise for the outstanding job she has done over the past seven years as editor of our BOAF Bulletin.  My first task as editor is to make a new editor resolution. I resolve to get the bulletin out accurately and on time. How do you reach me with stories, announcements and the like? Give me them at a meeting or mail them to:

 Ray Schwartz
19 Olde Common Drive
Atkinson, NH 03810-2177

or e-mail them to

Great American Bird Show Winners

Best in Show (from the Finch and Softbills Division):
Rainbow Bunting, Alfredo Robles of Connecticut

Second in Show (from the Lovebird Division):
Medium Blue Peachface Love Bird, John and Linda Gossweiler of New Jersey

Third in Show (from the Parrot Division):
Indian Ringneck, Denise Bourgault and Mary Edmunds both from New Hampshire and BOAF members

Best NCS Cockatiel:
(Type not recorded - sorry), Pat Tucker of Massachusetts

Best ACS Cockatiel:
Normal Hen, Pat Tucker of Massachusetts

Best Type Canary:
Variegated Buff Corona Gloster, Fintan Keegan and Pat Varian of Massachusetts

Presidents Kaytee GABS Show Report

Dear Members,

The Kaytee Great American Bird Show is now a page in BOAF’s book of accomplishments, but those two days are packed with fond memories. Memories of a great bunch of members who worked so hard and gave so much of their time to ensure the show’s success. And memories of a good time with dear friends and beatiful birds.

Shows bring members together. Many who cannot make meetings due to job committments or distance make the trek. Shows also bring in new members to make BOAF stronger. All in all its a time to get together with friends who share the same interest...birds.

I would like to thank all those members who made the effort to work at the show and give donations. Without you there wouldn’t have been a show. BOAF is fortunate to have so many dedicated, caring members. Few clubs have such turnout. MANY THANKS. I am proud to be a member of the best club in New England.

As 1997 winds down, we are planning our 1998 events calendar. Our plans are for more events and guest speakers in the coming year. We are anxious to hear from members with suggestions to help us in our plans. So get on the phone or drop us a line. Better yet, fill out the form in last month’s bulletin! We rely on your input.

November is your last chance to nominate someone for an office. Voting will take place at the December meeting Christmas party which I hope everyone can attend. Please cast your vote carefully. Vote for the doers! — those who work for the good of the club.

Don’t forget our Christmas party. For those who have yet to make it in prior years, try to come. It is lots of fun!! Especially the Yankee Swap and all the food.

See you all at the November meeting!

Denise Bourgault

Editors note: The list of people who donated time to make the show such a great event is too long to publish here. Kudos to you all.  We thank you for your generosity.

October Meeting Summary

Dr. George Messenger of Fisherville Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic in Concord, NH made a very informative two part presentation. In the first segment he provided a sixteen step Recipe for a Healthy Bird. The second segment consisted of Putting to Rest Some Myths concerning Avian Health. Follow along summary handouts were provided to the attendees. The formal presentation was followed by an extensive question and answer session.

One step in the health recipe is finding an avian vet while your bird is well. Although Dr. Messenger will see "emergencies" even if he has not seen the bird before, your local vet might not. He also elaborated on those precautions we can take so we don’t have to drive an injured bird to Concord (or wherever your vet is) in the middle of the night or on a Sunday afternoon.

A sampling of the debunked myths follow: Birds hide their illnesses. Wrong — we are just not observant enough. Birds are fragile. Wrong — they are very hardy creatures.

I learned a lot about birds at the meeting. I’m sure even more experienced birders did too. If you missed the meeting, the handouts will be reproduced in a subsequent Bulletin. Can’t wait? They are already on the BOAF web site.

Dr. Messenger has generously offered to give one or two additional presentations next year. Any suggestions for a topic(s)? Watch the calendar for dates.

About My Birds

This new monthly column is intended to be a story submitted by a BOAF member describing something of interest to others about his or her bird(s). It can be an unusual specie. Or, it could be a strange behavior or trick. Maybe something that your bird says or does that you would like other members to know about. Tell about the awards it has won, or why it didn’t win. Did it pluck its feathers on the way to the show? Remember "Brags"! It is sort of like that but on a larger scale, and doesn’t require an accompanying donation. Hope by now you get the idea.

Please give me your stories at least two weeks prior to the next meeting. Handwritten (assuming its legible) is okay. If I don’t get any input, you’ll read about my birds. I can put together at least a year’s worth of columns so get going and give me your stories. I’ve alredy told you the alternative.

BOAF BOARD MEETING:  Held Oct 20, 1997

In attendance Denise Bourgault, Barbara Bouchard, Steve Tanner, Susan Fellows, Don Bourgault, Ray Schwartz, Ron Cote, Katy Secor, Dr. Al, Denise Macabe

I) Discussions of next years events
1)  Dates for Auctions and Bird Marts were decided upon:

March 28-Auction, June 20-Bird Mart, Sept-Auction or Bird Mart (TBD).

2)  BOAF Bird Show to be held Oct 10 in the gymnasium of Church
MOTION: If BOAF receives permission to have a tent set up in the church parking lot for vendors, then there will not be a Auction or bird mart in Sept. MOTION Passed

Dr. Al will be contacting the Judges for the show to arrange bookings with them:

A) Finches and Softbills—TBA  B) Cockatiels and Love Birds—TBA
C) Keets and Budgies---TBA  D)Parrots---TBA

II) Elections for Board of Directors will be held at the December 15, Christmas Party. Names and Nominations for officers available in other section of bulletin

The current director count will be revised depending on membership totals (50 members = 1 Director), Don B. has volunteered to count the membership totals and report totals to board prior to elections.

Nominations for Directors Award, Cindy Hawkins Award and Presidents Award were taken and will be posted

III) Affiliations for Clubs will be mailed in December

IV) The Board has voted to palace a bid for the 2000 National Cage Bird Show. Dr Al informed us that Los Angles and Orlando have also placed bids on the event. In case that are bid is rejected we will also bid on the year 2001 show. ( A theme for the event could be 2001 a Bird Oddesy)

Respectfully submitted: Barbara Bouchard, BOAF Secretary

Webmaster’s Report by Rena and Allen Fox

Here is the latest news on the BOAF web site, keeping you up to date with recent changes. Not all members have computers or access to the internet. Some may find it intimidating or confusing, but with some time and persevernce, it is a great source of information unavailable only a few years ago. The purpose of our site is twofold: to give BOAF members a window to the "information highway" and provide information to aviculturists around the world. One goal is to allow BOAF members to contribute to our web site. There have already been requests to place pictures of member’s birds on line. To do this supply a picture with a description including name, specie, any other information and the story, if any. Pictures will be scanned and returned.

By the time you read this bulletin, our online classified ads will be up and running. "For Sale" and "Wanted" ads for the Bulletin and web site are to be placed with me. (Editors note: See the classified ads section for address information)

 It would be interesting to find out if our members have previously sold birds using the classified ads and/or over the internet. Send your responses to the editor or the webmaster — we’ll compile the results and publish them in a subsequent issue and on the web site.

Member suggestions are always encouraged and appreciated. Please submit them to:

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