December 1997

BOAF Bulletin Express

Presidents Report

As the holidays approach and the year winds down, it is time to reflect on 1997 and look ahead to 1998. We had two terrific auctions and an equally successful first time bird mart. We hosted the KAYTEE Great American Bird Show. The Raptor presentation was well received. The membership stayed healthy. We had excellent guest speakers and activities like the "ice cream social" and "Birdie Bingo."

It is now time to put together our 1998 Calendar of Events and your input will be solicited at the January round table discussions. This is your opportunity to tell us what you liked or disliked last year and want to see/hear/do in 1998. Some possibilities include: learning about AFA, nutrition, proper cage sizes, teaching birds tricks, why birds pluck. I bet your suggestions are even better. Help schedule great events in 1998.

I would like to see BOAF do more for our community. Perhaps we can put together a program to present at schools and nursing homes. One that would allow us to share our love of birds while giving others enjoyment and understanding of these marvelous creatures. All of New England would be included since our membership spans the entire region. Let me know if you would you like to participate.

The Christmas party will be lots of fun. Let’s all take part in the festivities! The Yankee swap is a real "experience" and I wouldn’t miss it! So, whether you are a member, or just contemplating membership, you’re invited. It is the best way to get involved. Bring a wrapped gift of at least $10 value — that’s it! And don’t forget a tasty treat, your favorite dish (Swedish meatballs, chicken wings, salads, brownies, cakes, pies, or anything else) And, we’ll all "pig out" together!

Last - but not least - it is election night for BOAF officers and directors. Come and vote for those people you believe will best serve BOAF in 1998.

Thanks to all who supported BOAF in 1997. Because of you we are the best society in New England. (Ed. Why limit it to New England?)

May you all have a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year.

Sincerely, Denise Bourgault

Notes from the Editor

Whew!!! My first edition of the Bulletin is now history. Thanks to all who contributed articles for it. If I spelled your name wrong, put in the wrong phone number or some such thing, I apologize. Let me know what the corrections are and I’ll happily make them.

So far I haven’t been flooded with BOAF member stories. Someone must have a bird worth writing about!

How do you reach me with stories, announcements and the like? Give me them at a meeting or mail them to:

Ray Schwartz
19 Olde Common Drive
Atkinson, NH 03810-2177

or e-mail them to

or call me at (603) 362-6106

Want to be a world famous writer? Contribute an article to the BOAF Bulletin. I’m continuing to work with our Webmaster, Allen Fox, to publish the bulletin there for the world to see. I’d like to publish at least one contributed article (by someone other than the editor) in each issue.

Notice that this months Bulletin has narrower margins so I can fit more content If the Post Office damages the edges, let me know and I’ll restore the wider margins.

With a change in editor it is a good time to make changes in the bulletin. Several people have already asked for it to be mailed earlier. I’m trying! What else should be done? Style? Organization? Format changes? Content changes? Let me know - don’t be bashful!

Christmas Party

The Christmas party is Dec. 15, 1997 the third Monday in December.

bulletGift for Yankee Swap
bulletFood for Party
bulletRenew Membership
bulletBring a friend - nonmembers are welcome at all BOAF meetings.
Yankee Swap Rules

Rules for the Yankee swap will be finalized at the Christmas party. Will number one pick first, last or both. Lobby your friends to support your viewpoint. A vote will be taken prior to distribution of presents.

Presents should cost approximately ten dollars and be in new condition. Dr. Al already has a used handbag!

Who will bring the most traded gift? Will it be a bird, lamp or wall hanging as in recent years? Something else?

November Meeting Summary

Birdie Bingo a Blast

Cries of Bingo rang out from the lucky players. Another fantastic prize is given away. Others, like me for instance, just groaned. How could Katy or Roger have filled a complete row when I still had only two markers on my card. Whether we won a prize or not, we all had a good time!

BOAF’s first Birdie Bingo event had a wonderful selection of prizes. Thanks to the many donors. Top prize for the full card final game was a green cheek conure (sold to the club at a great price by Evelyn Flanders). Other prizes included a wide variety of bird toys (donated by Pet ‘n Coat Junction and several other members), a lovebird (donated by Pat Thomas), bags of apples, sacks of oranges, an embroidered shirt (donated by Pat and Gary), bird mugs, bird food, a bird puzzle, a year’s membership in SPBE (donated by Dr. Al), bird....

You get the idea. If it was related to birds, we had it.

Thanks to Don Bourgault for both the great job of calling numbers and for bringing the coffee can of markers — a long time collection of pennies.

Thanks again to all who donated the fantastic prizes. Without them the game would not have been nearly so much fun. Sorry I couldn’t list everybody’s name.

Webmaster’s Report

We have a new look to our Web Site check it out! The November bulletin articles are there now. Each month’s articles will be available for viewing online along with those from previous months.

The request for pictures is still open. Place a picture and story of your bird on the Web. (You can place the same or different story in the bulletin as well)

Classified Ads are now online. All ads from the bulletin are also placed online giving you exposure you could never get before. In addition, if you want to include a picture of the bird you want to sell, that picture can be placed online. Just send it along with your ad.

Let’s get the word out to other local clubs that we have a web site.

Member suggestions are always encouraged and appreciated. Please submit them to:

Note:  All Classified Ads posted online are sent to Ray for the next months bulletin.

About My Birds

This new monthly column is intended to be a story submitted by a BOAF member describing something of interest to others about his or her bird(s). It can be an unusual specie. Or, it could be a strange behavior or trick. Maybe something that your bird says or does that you would like other members to know about. Tell about the awards it has won, or why it didn’t win. Did it pluck its feathers on the way to the show? Remember "Brags"! It is sort of like that but on a larger scale, and doesn’t require an accompanying donation. Hope by now you get the idea.

Please give me your stories at least two weeks prior to the next meeting. Handwritten (assuming its legible) is okay. If I don’t get any input, you’ll read about my birds. I can put together at least a year’s worth of columns so get going and give me your stories. I’ve already told you the alternative.

I'm waiting - who is going to submit the first story???

Congratulations Katy

BOAF’s Katy Secor won the Kellogg Award in the recent National Show. Her Brown Headed Parrot won top honor for her in this his first year out of the Novice division. He did well as a novice too.


Nominations for annual awards were reviewed. Silent paper ballot elections were held and the winners’ names will be announced at the December meeting. Denise Bourgault will have plaques prepared.

It was decided to have a number of special raffle prizes for the Christmas Party, a pair of green singing finches, other finches, a singing canary, a pair of cockatiel breeders and many more surprises.

It was decided to have a member’s only door prize. This will be a hand fed, sun conure baby.

Ballots for the election of officers and directors were discussed. Positions will be filled one at a time. Each ballot will contain nominee names for a single office only. Ray Schwartz will prepare four ballots. These are: Vice President, Secretary, 4 year director and 1 year director. Votes will be taken in that order. All nominees for 4 year director are automatically included on the ballot for 1 year director.

A first pass was made for the 1998 Calendar of Events. Only a small number of responses have been received.

Next Directors Meeting

There will not be a formal Directors meeting in December. The next regular meeting will be January 19, 1998. Details will be in the January 1998 bulletin.

Phil is the Star of the Raffle

Denise McCabe donated Phil,an African Timneh Grey parrot, for the Raffle Table. This is clearly one of the best raffle prizes since I joined BOAF many years ago. She wanted Phil to go to a home where he’d get more attention. Thank you Denise for your most generous donation.

Suggestions Wanted

Notice that the 1998 Calendar of Events is not filled in yet. That means you still have time to provide input on topics of interest to you. Several good meeting suggestions have already been received. Thank you! More would be helpful so varied programs that appeal to the majority of members can be offered. Send or give them to Denise Bourgault or any BOAF officer or director. It is not too late to fill out the survey from the October Bulletin.

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