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bulletAdley's Birdhouse
Hand fed and tamed baby birds. We are Located in Dixfield, Maine and do ship at the buyers expense weather permitting!  Green Cheek Conures, Yellow-sided Green Cheeks, Turquoise Green Cheeks, Pineapple Green Cheeks, Cinnamon Green Cheeks, Crimson Bellie Green Cheeks, Cinnamon Turquoise Green Cheeks, Cinnamon/Turquoise Green Cheeks and other mutations.  Also, Pacific Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Rosey & Normal Bourke's, American Parakeets hand fed, Blue Crown Conures, Sun Conures, Lady Gouldian Finches, Senegals & More!
E-Mail:  Phone:  (207)562-7074

bulletAdirondack Aviaries

Caiques (Black Headed and White Belly), Congo African Greys, Double Yellow Headed & Yellow Naped Amazons, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Greenwing and Blue & Gold Macaws. (603) 435-5377.

bulletB&G Aviaries

Breeders of Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws- large and small, Amazons, Senegals, Greencheeks, and occasionally others. Hand-fed babies and parent reared babies for future breeders.  Close-banded and Microchipped, shipping available.  (207) 993-2949

bulletBig Guy Aviaries

Breeder of Red Bellies, Senegals, Red Rump Parakeets, Rosey Bourkes, Bronze Wing Pionus and Linoelated Parakeets.  Westport, MA


Bird Supply of New Hampshire

Exotic Bird Specialty Store, online retailer and distributor with products from Abba, Pretty Bird, L'Avian Plus, Zupreem, Higgins, Roudybush, Harrisons, Vetafarm, Orlux, Versele-Laga, Quiko, Cede, Nemeth Farms, Avian Adventures, Kings, YML & A&E Cages, Breeding and Nesting Supplies and Our Own Zinc and Dye Free Bird Toys.  Breeders of Exhibition Quality Cockatiels, Pets and Breeders: Whiteface Pearls, Whiteface Cinnamon Pearls, Whiteface Cinnamon Pieds, Whiteface Pieds, Whiteface, Yellow Cheek, Pieds, Cinnamon Pieds, Cinnamon Pearl Pieds, Albinos, Pearls, Cinnamon Pearls, Lutinos, Cinnamon, Greys; English Budgies: Greens, Blues, Greys, Yellow Face;  Brown-Headed Parrots, and Congo African Greys. Also Canaries, Finches, Budgies & Parrots from other local and national breeders.  522 Amherst St. Nashua, NH (603) 882-4737 (aka CNC Aviary)

bulletChompist Hill Aviary

Lineolated Parakeets, Pied & Pastel Pacific Parrotlets, Green Rump Parrotlets, Black Cheek, Peach Face Love birds, Rosie, Rainbow, Normal bourkes parakeets, [cinnamon, pied, par blue] Scarlet Chested Parakeets, English Budgerigars,  BB Zebra Finches, American Singer Canaries, Crested Zebra Finch, Star Finch, Senegals, Meyers and Black Cheek Zebras. North Scituate, RI  

bulletHamelin Aviary

Handfed and tame Pacific Parrotlets - blues, greens, fallow and yellow.  Cages and toys also available. (978) 441-0374

bulletI. N. Aviary

African Greys, Timneh African Greys, Goffins Cockatoos, Meyers, Senegals, Greencheek Conures, Sun Conures, & Brown Heads (603) 526-4763

bulletJoyful Noise Breeders

Hand tamed small hookbills: Fancy Parakeets, Cockatiels (603) 286-3972

bulletLander's Feathered Rainbows

Lovebirds. Salem, Mass.  (978) 745-1019

bulletLucky Phoenix Birdhouse

Handfed and tame cockatiels, society finches and ringneck doves. (207) 782-6923

bulletMills Aviary

English and American Keets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks (978) 657-7153

bulletNita's Nest

Bird breeder with over 25 years experience, specializing in gouldian finches and handfed African Grey parrots.  Located in Groton, NH.  No shipping.  Website:   Email:  

bulletRed Barn Wings

Breeder of Stafford, Lizard, Spanish Timbrado & Colorbred Canaries in Green, Red, Yellow, Rose, Mosaics, Agates and other mutations. Also Lady Gould finches in all mutations including yellow and blue. Also Rosy Bourkes. In addition, we raise rare colored pigeons; swallows, modenas, rollers, tipplers and homing pigeons. All very reasonably priced. Our birds come from the nations top bloodlines. I am a NMC National Judge. (207) 445-2315

bulletWhitmore's Winged Hatchlings

Hand tamed, hand fed and socialized Sun Conures, Blue Crown Conures, Nanday Conures, Rainbow Lories, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Regular Green Cheek Conures, Society and Zebra Finches; the Finches are not hand tamed nor hand fed. E-mail or call for more information :; (207) 238-6019

bulletBrian Ziemba

African Congo Greys, Yellow Nape Amazons (508) 454-5319

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