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BOAF Show History by Dr. Al Decoteau
In September of 1987, the newly organized Birds Of A Feather, which was the brainstorm of the late Larry Brandt, the late Fred Marchaland and Nancy Storey, held their first annual Bird Show in Hampton, New Hampshire. There were 220 birds entered with only 14 entries in parrots. Daren Decoteau was the judge for parrots and finches....there were canaries and cockatiels as well as American Parakeets and Budgerigars. Early history is sketchy, however, Daren selected as Best Bird in Show, an Eleonora cockatoo owned and exhibited by Eileen Brouck of the Danville area.

On Sept. 18, 1988, the second show, again in Hampton, NH was held with the following judges officiating: Pat Varian on canaries, Linda Rubin doing cockatiels and Am. Parakeets as well as Budgies and Dr. Al Decoteau judging Finches and parrots. This year there were 36 parrots and 40 cockatiels as well as 36 finches with a complete total of 296 birds. Best Bird in Show for the second year in a row was Eileen Brouck's Eleonora Cockatoo. This cockatoo did complete its SPBE championship, one of the first birds in the country to do so.

On Sept 16, 1989, a third annual BOAF show was held in the school auditorium in Auburn, New Hampshire. There were 311 total birds including 51 parrots entered with the following judges officiating: Dr. Al Decoteau, Bill Parlee of Conn., Tony Antonian of MA and Pat Varian of MA. There were 82 finches at this show. Best Bird in Show was owned and exhibited by our own Susan Fellows. It was a magnificent Double Yellow Head Amazon. There were 31 parrot exhibitors at this show.

On Sept. 15, 1990, the fourth annual show was again held in Auburn, NH with Dr Al Decoteau, Linda Rubin, and Bob Roberts from Texas as judges. There were 56 parrots and 45 cockatiels with 92 finches, 30 Am. Parakeets, 32 Budgies, and 102 canaries - a grand total of 357 birds. Best Bird in Show as selected by Al Decoteau was a Rosey Bourke owned and exhibited by our current member, Karen Herman. Susan Fellows was second with a Molluccan Cockatoo.

On Sept. 21, 1991, the show moved to Notre Dame College auditorium and Gary Morgan from Denver, Colorado was selected to judge parrots. He had 80 parrots from which he selected a Timneh Grey owned by Jessica Kent of Maine. Al Decoteau had 102 cockatiels to judge as well as 60 finches. Regina McCarthy judged 60 canaries but the grand total was 480 birds. Gary Morgan selected a Black and White Mannikin as Best in Show.

To be continued...

Copyright: Birds of A Feather Avicultural Society and Author Nov 1998

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